Hit Rock Bottom Before?

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I recently heard something which made me consider how damaging positive thinking can be. Due, in part, as a result of self-development planet, so many men and women believe that they must have positive thoughts all of the time.

And, if they do not, something bad will happen; with negative ideas being viewed as the reason bad things have happened in their lifetime. It’s then not likely to be much of a surprise for somebody like this to become obsessed with what’s occurring in their head.

1 Focus

Rather than being able to be in the moment, they’ll be caught up with whether or not they’re having the perfect thoughts. This can’t just create lots of stress, it can also lead them to feel guilty every time they slip up.

I’ve written quite a few posts over the years that enter the’negative’ side of positive thinking.

The Main Point

However, even though what I heard did make me think of how damaging positive thinking can be, that was not the major thing that crossed my mind. What crossed my mind was how positive thinking was among the things which may stop someone from falling down.

This may sound like as good thing, however, as falling right down and hitting rock bottom can seem to be something which has to be avoided in any way coasts.

An Analogy

1 way to comprehend how falling down could be positive is to consider how trees often have to be cut back to be able to grow in the ideal way.

The cause of this is that the nutrients would end up being sent to a lot of unique braches rather than the principal trunk. In precisely the exact same way, if someone isn’t knocked down to the floor and they try to continue as they are, it also can stop them from having the ability to attain their potential.

Various Branches

In regards to a human being, it will not be the nutrients are being directed to the wrong body parts; it’ll be that energy has been directed to parts of the life as well as an identity that no longer serve them. Yet, as a result of their need to remain positive and/or taking things which will stop them from falling down emotionally, it is going to keep the inauthentic life they are living alive.

However, although their thoughts will do whatever it can to prevent this from occurring; this might be just what they want to transform their life to go from a mean existence, to a excellent presence and to fully embrace who they are.

The Phoenix

When somebody completely falls down it can feel as if they are going through hell, and they may wonder if they will ever grow up again. This is very likely to show they are in plenty of emotional pain, pain which has likely been locked within them because their early years.

The fantastic thing is that when they’re down and are no longer resisting how they’re feeling, it is going to give them the chance to slowly develop a life and an identity that reflect who they are. But, before this occurs, they will almost certainly have a good deal of baggage to manage.
quite a few Years Ago

This is something which I went through at the beginning of 2013, once I’ve attempted to keep it all together for so long.

Rock Bottom

The work I had done up until that point had just decorated the false-self I had formed; it had not enabled me to get in touch with my true essence. Still, I was prepared to go deeper in that point and what I’d learnt prepared me for what I needed to undergo.

There were moments when I wondered if I’d ever be able to operate again, let alone grow up. The false-self that was set up since I was a kid had cracked open and I was no longer prepared to play the exact roles.

Patience and Persistence

I believed that there was a way for me to get myself out of this hole I was in.

There were ups and there were drawbacks but I kept moving, and this meant that I slowly came across the information and support that I wanted. This time in my life did provide me with a great deal of insights, but it does not mean that I’d wish to go through it all again.

Final Thoughts

I would like to be clear, however, that this does not mean I am now living the ideal life.

So, when you’ve hit rock bottom, have a minute to consider that you’ve got what it takes to rise up. The main thing is that you just do everything you can to surrender to what’s happening and also to reach out for assistance if you want it.

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